Why Demo Trade


Before committing real funds to an account, it is crucial to learn the features of each type of trading software.

Thankfully, many Forex brokerages offer potential customers the chance to try out their platform via a demo account. We are going to look at how traders can take advantage of this and learn to trade the markets without risking any of their own money.


1. Familiarize yourself with the platform

Try the award winning MetaTrader 4 platform, which is undoubtedly the most popular platform in the FX retail trading industry. Use the platform and understand its functionality before going live. Don’t make costly mistakes on your live trading account!

After all, a demo trading costs absolutely nothing so take advantage of this facility given to you at no cost!

2. Try the different platforms

Try demo trading from your:

  • Windows based Personal Computer or Laptop
  • IPad
  • IPhone
  • Android Devices

Again at no cost. Try demo trading, even on the go!

3. Trade Like It's Real

Once you have mastered the mechanics, you can use the demo platform to experiment with various trade sizes and styles and determine your trading personality. Are you a short-term momentum trader who likes high leverage and tries to capture 20-30 point intraday moves? Or do you prefer using smaller sizes to hold longer-term positions that could potentially yield hundreds of points? Demo trading can help you discover what type of trading suits you best.

With almost identical trading conditions between a demo and live trading account, simulate your trading skills on a demo account before going live.

Always remember, however, that demo trading is in no way similar to trading real money. You may be perfectly calm about sustaining a $10-million loss with fake money, but might become completely unhinged over a $100 loss in your real account. To make demo trading as productive as possible, you need to trade the demo account as though the money were real. For example, if you plan on funding your real account with $5,000, don't trade a demo account that has $100,000. The thrill of a $1-million trade can give you a temporary high, but it will only hurt when you have to transition to a real account, because you will have no sense of proportion and will likely make drastic errors in judgment.

If you are profitable on demo, there is a very high chance of collecting that in real cash very soon!

Practice makes perfect. This is especially true in the world of finance and trading. Without the proper amount of practice, your trading will definitely suffer. This is why demo trading is vital to the growth and development of all FX traders. Without repetition, you are merely submitting yourself to the mercy of the market. You need to know what you are doing before the stakes get higher. Opening up a demo account with Trust Capital can give you just the taste that you so desperately need to take control of your trading and start making money.

What is required to open a demo account?


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Download the Platform

Download the platform for free onto your computer,mobile phone or tablet.

Note: These demo accounts come loaded with a play balance and give traders the opportunity to try their hand at trading with the brokerage. It is recommended to open demo account with the amount corresponding to the amount in your future real account.

Demo accounts can be a vital tool in any trader’s arsenal. Newcomers can learn to trade and see whether they are cut out to trade Forex for real, without putting any cash on the line. Forex is very risky and it is important that new traders gain a proper education before they dive into trading. More experienced traders can use demo accounts to try out new trading strategies, Expert Advisors and signal providers without risking their capital. This means that even more experienced traders could benefit from using an unrestricted demo account alongside their real money account.

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Practice makes perfect. This is especially true in the world of finance and trading. Without the proper amount of practice, your trading will definitely suffer.Open a forex demo account and practice forex trading risk free for 60 days.

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